Christian Wang

Open-minded, Flexible, Realistic,Romantic, Multi-tasking.


Open-minded, Flexible, Realistic,Romantic, Multi-tasking.

Hello there my name is Christian Wang, you can call me Chris for short. I'm 26 years of age. I love reading novels, wattapad and experience adventures in life. I studied Bachelor of Science in Nursing here in Cebu. I also attend international school in Taipei, and lived there for more than 4 years. I am a dual citizen half- Filipino and half- Taiwanese, and serve the military there in Taiwan when I was 19. I also do writing stories any kind of stories either it is in real life, fantasy, dramatic and most especially romantic. I have alot of experience of my work in my life, I have encountered many things ups and downs. I've experience been to the most down of my life down to earth even a single penny I have nothing. But thanks with the help of my own self it challenge me and change my world I tried my best and did all I can do with my effort to climb back up to the mountain to stand up tall, where right now I am. I also discovered many things in life and learned many things in my 26 years of existence in this world. In the start of my 20's I've learned alot of social media, earn money thru socail media, this have a big impact to my life and it help me alot. I've met many kind of people and learn from them little by little, and collect the good traits, strategy and techniques which I learned from them, and apply it to my life. No joke it's very useful. I am just a simple person with a great sense of humor, very kind hearted, with a big mind set that focus on what I want to achieve. I really love challenge in life because it makes me to prove my ability and skills that I have that GOD has given me, but not just to my self I'm a very soft hearted person who always help the one who needs help. 

That's all about me simple guy living in this universe.

Christian Wang

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Sales and MarketingCustomer ServiceData-encoderresearcherMS office and English tutortour guide and translator
  • Assistant Manager Rich Heart Cleaning INC. Taiwan Sales and Marketing

  • English tutor in Taiwan for pre-schoolers and grader 1 to 3

  • English translator for asian tourist

  • real estate agent

  • SMM.

  • Bachelor of Science in NUrsing