Roulette Software 19 AMA

Alex Casha
Jan 18, 2018

Roulette Software 19 is based to find roulette dealers that have a good signature, which means they have a constant wheel and ball speed. This way you will be able to predict the outcome and beat the casino. 

The following is a playlist on how the software works.

Roulette Software 19 Playlist

Click the direct link below to get the software.

Roulette Software 19

Roulette Software 19.png

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The Youtube link has no sound, can you tell us instead how does this software works?

Jan 18, 1:14PM EST0

You need to input the last 20 numbers that have been drawn. Then you click the calculate button so the software calculate if the dealer has a good signature, then click the get numbers button and the software gives you the numbers which have to come out. If the numbers that are shown by the software are continously right then that particular dealer has a good signature.

Jan 19, 1:35PM EST0

How do you get to test the software and the probability rate of winning/losing?

Jan 18, 1:11PM EST0

It is not based on winning or loosing. It is based on dealer signature.

Jan 19, 1:37PM EST0

Do you also have a lotto software? If there is, how is it different from the actual lotto draw?

Jan 18, 11:51AM EST0

No sorry

Jan 19, 1:36PM EST0

Is there some type of mathematical algorithm used for all gambling apps? And do they differ depending on the game?

Jan 18, 10:48AM EST0

All gambling apps are based on mathematical algorithm and yes they differ depending on the game. Some like the RP-777 is based on both mathematical algorithm and physics.

Jan 18, 11:01AM EST0

Is there a possibility that some gambling apps can be manipulated?

Jan 18, 9:57AM EST0

Yes of course. You must be careful. Ask as many questions and do a lot of research first. For example if you know what dealer signature is than you can understand the purpose of this software.

Jan 18, 10:08AM EST0

Are you a professional roulette gambler? If so, how long have you been playing?

Jan 18, 9:47AM EST0

Yes I am a professional gambler and I have been playing over 20 years.

Jan 18, 9:48AM EST0

If you have gambled before, what was the biggest money you've lost? How about the highest win?

Jan 18, 8:42AM EST0

The highest money that I have lost was 2000 euros. I try to keep the winnings to the lowest possible, like 1000 euros a month from every casino.

Jan 18, 9:48AM EST0

So far what reviews have you been getting from those who purchased this software?

Jan 17, 8:10PM EST0

Both good and bad. For the bad ones they have not understood the concept of the software.

Jan 18, 9:50AM EST0

Would you personally say that gambling can be a source of passive income?

Jan 17, 12:17PM EST0

100% sure.

Jan 17, 2:42PM EST0

How do you begin to design softwares like this?

Jan 17, 11:00AM EST0

It takes years. I have been in gambling industry from when I was 20. I have studied roulette and its nature which is physics and maths. I had to learn Java language to implement my knowledge. Now I am able to do everything myself.

Jan 17, 2:46PM EST0

Could a roulette dealer really influence the ball with a degree of accuracy?

Jan 17, 7:53AM EST0

Yes of course. There is no need to win all the spins. You only need to beat the dealer by less than 3%. 

Jan 17, 2:48PM EST0

Why a Roulette Software? What brought you the idea?

Jan 17, 6:46AM EST0

I have been in gambling industry from when I was 20. I am appasionate of roulette. I have created several ways to beat the roulette.

Jan 17, 2:49PM EST0

What makes this app more reliable than the other gambling softwares out there?

Jan 17, 5:44AM EST0

This software is based on dealer signature which means to find out those dealers that have a constant wheel and ball speed.

Jan 17, 2:50PM EST0

As a software developer, is there really such thing as "script" that one can manipulate results on gambling apps?

Jan 17, 5:18AM EST0

The results can be either random or manipulated. Random means that there is no percentage involved and manipulated is when the percentage of winning is less than 100 % which make sense for casinos.

Jan 17, 2:53PM EST0

Apart from the Roulette and Blackjack software apps you have created, are you planning to do other gambling apps?

Jan 17, 4:18AM EST0

Yes I already have more and are published on youtube.

Roulette Betting Software

Roulette 6 in line

Roulette Sections

and the best based on physics is:


Jan 17, 2:57PM EST0
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How many beta tests were done before you became confident of the viability of this software?

Jan 17, 4:17AM EST0

Beta tests were done on different casinos and dealer. 

Jan 17, 2:59PM EST0

Have you also worked with professional roulette players or professional gamblers? Or have they been one of your beta testers too?

Jan 17, 2:55AM EST0

I have several professional players as clients. Not all of them were have started as a professional. Some of them was as a part time. Now they have taken a step forward in their life and bought my software RP-777


Jan 17, 3:02PM EST0
You mentioned in your previous AMA that you created Blackjack Counter app for less than a week. How long did you complete Roulette 19?
Jan 17, 2:01AM EST0

This is much more difficult. It took me more than 3 weeks. 

Jan 17, 3:03PM EST0