I am a professional Gambling Mathematician and you can ask me anything about gambling

Kim Zafra
Dec 11, 2017

My name is Kim, a Filipino gambling mathematician. I started gambling in a very young age of four and started solving gambling probabilities at age six that is why when it comes to gambling eveything comes automatic. I manage to work with different Asian gaming companies and as a highly technical person I believe I can answer most of the questions here whether it is personal or business related questions.  I mostly design slot games, sportsbook live betting applications, card and casino games and work as a consultant . 


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How can one become a Professional gambling mathematician?

Dec 15, 4:27AM EST0

Already been asked

Dec 16, 10:18PM EST0

What is one important skill every person should have? 

Dec 14, 10:09PM EST0

Skill is important but heart and passion outweighs everything. Hiring an intelligent person is not enough, he/she needs heart for the job. Otherwise it is like hiring Einstein to work in the gaming industry and I doubt he will be effective.

Dec 16, 10:18PM EST0

How do you enjoy gambling? can you balance "family" and "gambling" at the same time with out any trouble?

Dec 14, 7:19PM EST0

Hard to balance but I am still single though

Dec 16, 10:15PM EST0

What do you recommend, Asian bookies or European bookies?

Dec 13, 7:02PM EST0

When it comes to sportsbook both have pros and cons. European bookies provide good services to players both on pre-match and live betting because they invest heavily on software development in order to enhance player "user experience". Asian sportsbook are more primitive and lacks innovation. However most European bookies will cut you off when you are a constant "winner" on their website,. This clearly shows they only want stupid players! While for Asian sportsbook even if you win a lot of money they will still welcome you with a big betting limit.

For European sportsbook, I only recommend playing with Pinnaclesports.com (Low commission 1.95 vs 1.95 and high betting limit) and Betfair.com ( because it has a Player vs Player format and the site only gets a small commission).  Sites like Paddypower.com or 10bet.com is at the bottom of my list because of the big commission they get ( 1.83 vs 1.83 up to 1.91 vs 1.91 ), simply just play there to get the bonus/promos after that don't come back.

European players who wants to play on Asian sportsbook, you can sign via agent websites and these agents will give you big betting limit guaranteed!

Last edited @ Dec 13, 7:35PM EST.
Dec 13, 7:16PM EST0

What is the main difference, in your opinion, between asian and european gaming companies? 

Dec 13, 12:46PM EST0

European gaming companies are well regulated while in Asia anything goes here :)  The casinos can cheat the player, the player can cheat the casinos, the employee can cheat the casinos and the casinos can cheat their employee  :) and no regulatory commission to be found where you can file any complain. 

They can acquire "license to operate" in the Philippines however the licensing commission here has poor technical knowledge on how to regulate, monitor and audit games. They only deal with the upper level of licensing.

When it comes to players, European has more of a scientific approach when playing, while Asians do it religously with some sort of supernatural intervention helping them to win :)

Sadly, I never met any Asian guy (whether player or operator) who is technical enough in this kind of business 

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Dec 13, 6:32PM EST0

How can one become a Professional gambling mathematician?

Dec 12, 10:41PM EST0

Apply for a company who supply gaming products and services to website operators

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Dec 12, 11:21PM EST0

How should one successful sportsbook live betting application look like? 

Dec 11, 11:17AM EST0

You need to test it how much profit you can get and how big is the volume of bets coming in

Last edited @ Dec 13, 6:40PM EST.
Dec 11, 11:53PM EST0

Did anyone ever offer to pay you a huge amount of money to help him cheat his way to winning?

Dec 10, 9:29PM EST0

Yes, but will never do it and not possible without getting caught

Dec 10, 10:40PM EST0
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Do you know of any online course or workshop that I can watch, which will teach me all about gambling techniques?

Dec 10, 3:02PM EST0

There are a lot in youtube but most of them don't have good technical explanation so don't expect to win in the long run.

Dec 10, 8:51PM EST0

How were you into gambling by the age of four? Did your parents allow you to do it?

Dec 10, 1:00PM EST0

My parents work abroad and I was raised by my relatives. At age four, I was playing chess as well.

Dec 10, 8:52PM EST0

If I knew the best techniques to win in a gamble, I’d be gambling everyday. If you chose to work for gaming companies, does this mean they’re paying you more than what you could have won if you gambled instead?

Dec 9, 6:58PM EST0

Yes I am paid good money and only in selective websites I can win good money and the problem here is they can block me anytime if I win too much.

Dec 9, 7:41PM EST0

Considering the fairly conservative Filipino culture, did your family and friends ever judge you because of your job?

Dec 9, 5:59AM EST0

I don't think so, plus I always promote fair play between players and house. Most of the people I know were amazed because this type of job is fairly uncommon here.

Dec 9, 8:13AM EST0

Do you have friends who stick up to you simply because they know you can help them make it big in gambling?

Dec 9, 1:40AM EST0

No, because they play on landbase casino while I play usually online

Dec 9, 8:08AM EST0

Did you ever get offered jobs abroad because of your specialty in gambling mathematics?

Dec 9, 12:36AM EST0

Yes, I got a lot of offers abroad but if I 'm going to work outside my country, it won't be cheap.

Dec 9, 8:11AM EST0

Did you gain enough from gambling?

Dec 8, 9:32PM EST0

Not enough that is why I have a regular job. The only casinos I can capitalize are online casinos because sometimes you can make a long term deal with them with regards to promos and bonuses.

Dec 9, 8:09AM EST0

If you were to live your life over again, would you still choose the same career?

Dec 8, 6:40PM EST0

I started to do this professionally at age 30. If I can turn back time, I  could have started sooner like maybe after I graduated college. 

Last edited @ Dec 9, 8:14AM EST.
Dec 8, 7:40PM EST0

How many times have you played in a casino?

Dec 8, 3:24PM EST0

Cannot count but many times. Mostly online casinos..

Dec 8, 7:41PM EST0

What’s your future like as a gambling mathematician? Will you be employed the rest of your working life or are you planning to put up your own company in the future?

Dec 8, 3:20PM EST0

I am 35 years old and planning to do this until I turn 40. After that, hope I can find an investor so we can start our own casino business

Dec 8, 7:45PM EST0

Did you receive formal education that taught you to become a gambling mathematician?

Dec 8, 12:51PM EST0

Never received any formal education. In school here in the Philippines, they will teach you general math. But if you live in Vegas, you can receive a formal education with certificate.

Dec 8, 7:48PM EST0

Before you started working in the gaming industry, what types of games did you use to play?

Dec 7, 11:15PM EST0

I play online Poker, Sportsbetting, Blackjack and Baccarat. I seldomly play now unless I can smell an advantage against the house.

Last edited @ Dec 8, 7:53PM EST.
Dec 8, 7:49PM EST0
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