HI! I am a student in the Phils. who knows a lot of techniques in playing card games. I am highly skilled in terms of Pusoy dos or Philippine Poker and Tong-Its. Ask me anything

Nov 2, 2017

HI! I am a student in the Phils. who knows a lot of techniques in playing card games. I am highly skilled in terms of Pusoy dos or Philippine Poker and Tong-Its. Ask me anything! Tongits is a traditional card game in the Philippines. It is a 3 player rummy type of game that gained popularity in the 1990s. (source wikipedia). Pusoy Dos on the other hand is a shedding card game where the lovest card is 3 of clubs and the highest card is 2 of diamonds  I am very fond in playing these games because it uses your mind on how to stratigize a way to victory even when the cards you get seems impossible to win.

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Have you tried playing those games online?

Nov 2, 8:14AM EDT0


Nov 2, 9:18AM EDT0

What are the perks of being a student when you know how to play these games?

Nov 2, 5:48AM EDT0

it helps you think logically and be more creative in dealing a problem.

Nov 2, 7:44AM EDT0

How much have you earned so far from those kind of gambling? Do you think such kind of gambling increases a persons productivity or abilities?

Nov 1, 9:01PM EDT0

a lot,

-gambling enhances your logic and decision making skills

Nov 2, 7:42AM EDT0

How many players can join Pusoy Dos at the same time?

Nov 1, 8:33AM EDT0

Min: 2 Max: usually 4 but sometimes there is a case where you can go with 5 players

Nov 2, 7:41AM EDT0

What was your worst ever business decision?

Nov 1, 2:33AM EDT0

placing a high bet then losing to it

Nov 2, 7:41AM EDT0

What do you do for a living?

Oct 31, 8:40PM EDT0

As I said earlier i'm just a student who play cards for a living

Nov 2, 7:40AM EDT0

Would you say that gambling is addictive?

Oct 31, 3:39PM EDT0

it depends on the person but for me i didn't get addicted to gambling

Nov 2, 7:39AM EDT0

What is your background?

Oct 31, 2:55PM EDT0

as mentioned above i'm just a student who love to play card games (with or without betting) 

Nov 2, 7:39AM EDT0

Have you got a FB page or website I could follow?

Oct 31, 10:15AM EDT0

sad to say i don't have one

Nov 2, 7:38AM EDT0

Can you live off the money you make by playing Pusoy Dos?

Oct 30, 11:42PM EDT0

yes you can but i would advice more on the Poker (not our version)

Nov 2, 7:37AM EDT0

Have you ever lost a life-changing amount of money before?

Oct 30, 2:24PM EDT0

yes there was this one day where when I played I literally lost a lot money since i didn't win anything on that day. It was around 10,000 pesos

Nov 2, 7:36AM EDT0

How many years have you played card games?

Oct 30, 11:24AM EDT0

8 years

Nov 2, 7:35AM EDT0

Can you bet money when you play Pusoy Dos?

Oct 30, 9:50AM EDT0

yes you can but usually betting is more in Pusoy

Nov 2, 7:18AM EDT0

Pusoy is another card game

Nov 2, 7:32AM EDT0

What are the rules for Pusoy Dos?

Oct 30, 6:02AM EDT0

Pusoy dos is a shedding card game so the goal here is that the person must win Min: 2 Max: usually 4 but sometimes there is a case where you can go with 5 playersRanking: number:3, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,l,q,k,A,2suit: clover, spades, hearts, diamondsso the lowest cards is 3 of clover and the highest is 2 of diamonds,Gaming styles:single: 1 card onlypar: 2 of a kind cardstrio: 3 of a kind cardsfive sets:     lowest: straight- 5 cards that are in order regardless of the suit (ex:  3,4,5,6,7)                    flush- 5 cards with the same suits                    full house- trio and par (trio will be the basis for the ranking)                    4 of a kind- 4 of a kind cards + 1 any card                    straight flush- 5 cards with the same suit and in order    highest:royal flush- 10, j, q, k, a with same suit Rules:each player will be given equal number of cards2 players: 13 cards each the excess will be discarded for that round3 players: can either be 13 cards or 17 cards each the excess will be discarded for that round4 players: 13 cards each5 players: 10 cards each the excess will be discarded for that round

-the first person with the lowest card put it in the table (any combination will apply as long as the lowest card is present)-the next person can only play if he or she has a higher card with the right combination that the first player did. If not then you'll declare pass. -if all of the player passes the person put the card last will be the control and can put any card or combination-the game will end if the player has no cards left. Some cases they continue to play until the there is only one person who has their cards left but the 1st one will get all the money bet.for more information kindly use this link: 

Nov 2, 7:35AM EDT0

Hi. I'm from the Philippines as well. Would you mind sharing those "techniques" you mentioned?

Oct 29, 11:02PM EDT0


card counting: this is simply check the cards that was used

for tong-its: use the oppurtunity in controlling the game especially if you have a card that you can make sapaw to the bahay. Don't immediately sapaw the card to the bahay because by that other players can also sapaw. Try disposing some of the cards that are not valuable to you

for pusoy dos if you have at least two of the number 2 cards don't hesitate to use one. 

Nov 2, 7:14AM EDT0

PS: try to remove your lowers cards in pusoy dos so that in the end you can dominate more and finish first

Nov 2, 7:34AM EDT0

What are the rules of Rummy?

Oct 29, 8:23PM EDT0

rummy is basically a matching card game but i'll teach you the rules for tong-its.

Rules for tong-its

Min player: 2

Max player:3

-Each player will be given 12 cards but for the dealer 13 cards will be given. The rest of the cards will remain stacked

-The game will start when the drops/dumps a card to the person beside him

-The person beside him can either get the card if the he/she can use a card to form a "bahay" and drop it to the table (bahay- it is where you can form at least 3 of a kind or at least 3 sequential card with the same suits. For example: the dealer drop 9 of hearts. The person can get it if he can form three 9's or if he has 7 and 8, 8 and 10, or 10 and jack of hearts).  -If the person can't form a "bahay" he or she will draw the from stacked cards

(Note: you can also make "sapaw" if example you have a 9 of clubs then the bahay is compose of a three of a kind 9's or a 6-8, or 10-queen of clubs) -After that, the person will dispose of a card to the other player- This will continue on and on until a person declared tong-its, draw or the pile of cards runs out.Ending game:Tong-its: this is where the person has no more cards in his hands

Draw: this is only applicable if the player has at least one exposed bahay or a bahay that did not undergo sapaw and has a low point of cards. If the person declared draw the other player can either fight or fold.  The player with the least points will win. Incase there is a tie the challenger will win. On the other hand if it is a three way tie, the challenger to the right will win

Pile runs out: the remaining cards will be counted and the least score will be declared the winner. If the person does not formed a bahay they will automatically lose

     pointing system: A=1;  2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10=their number value; jack, queen, king= 10 points

for more info: kindly watch this video: 

Nov 2, 7:09AM EDT0

How long do you think it takes to master this field?

Oct 29, 4:14PM EDT0

i'd probably say the minimum is 5 years

Nov 2, 6:38AM EDT0

What inspires you to play?

Oct 29, 2:45PM EDT0

The art of cards games

Nov 2, 6:38AM EDT0

Do you sometimes just rely on your gut instinct when it's strong?

Oct 29, 2:12PM EDT0

sometimes i rely on it but usually I make sure that my decision is based on 50% logic and 50% instincts. I don't rely on pure instinct only

Nov 2, 6:37AM EDT0

What would you suggest to anyone wanting to become an expert in card games?

Oct 29, 2:10PM EDT0

use your mind but don't overthink and learn how to bluff and the so called "poker face"

Nov 2, 6:36AM EDT0
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