Exciting adventure has turned into something I'd like to forget. I stepped into dangerous waters of gambling and I almost drowned. My desire for quick cash has changed my way of life for over a year The enlightening experience that I would not recommend to anyone. Ask me anything!

Dusko Arsenic
Jun 11, 2017

I left the country with a desire to earn money and gain new experiences and friends, everything was going just fine until I wanted to sort of speed things up. Gamble was my way of doing it. Ask me anything about it.

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What is the longest you have gone without sleep ?

Jun 12, 5:37PM EDT0

What do you think pushed you into the world of gambling?

Jun 12, 6:19AM EDT0

Does anyone from your family also have such an experience?

Jun 10, 6:42AM EDT0

I have cousin which is professional PokerStars player maybe I could indicate only him. But his situation and my situation are different he is professional player living from gambling all his life. And I am amateur for him. Besides that, I am only one who had experience with gambling.

Jun 11, 7:16AM EDT0

Did you always like risk?

Jun 9, 10:48PM EDT0

I've always felt a rush of adrenaline when I take risks and I admit I like that feeling. But I would advise anyone who loves the adrenaline rush to look for it on ski tracks, bungee jumping or any other extreme sports, not in Casino. :) 

Jun 11, 7:09AM EDT0

My brother is addicted to gambling. What can I say to him?

Jun 9, 3:08PM EDT0

First, you need to describe him that he have a problem and to ask for professional help. Because gamblers don't admit themselves that they have an addiction and they think they are controlling the situation. First and most important step in fixing problem is to be aware of the problem. 

Jun 11, 7:13AM EDT0

What is addiction to you?

Jun 9, 3:21AM EDT0

I believe that addiction is something you do even when you know is bad for you. For example i said it to myself and even to my friends on loud :) that i am stopping with gambling but many times i broke my word. Addiction can cost you losing friend.

Jun 11, 6:58AM EDT0

Amazing! How did you cope with it all?

Jun 9, 2:39AM EDT0

It was quite a struggle. :) I had to cope with nostalgic, psychical fatigue, anxiety, stress, ... And to stay cool for work in the mornings. From this experience I came out mentally stronger, but also exhausted. 

Jun 11, 6:52AM EDT0

I like risk and I always win. But now that I've read your story I got scared. Can luck really leave me?

Jun 8, 6:26PM EDT0

Gambling is not about having luck or not having it. Hause always wins their win in your situation is to make you believe that you had luck. In the future, you can rely on your luck and lose a lot, don't let that happen to you stay smart, if you are really into gambling play smart never go in Casino with a lot of cash relying on your luck. Friendly advice :)

Jun 11, 6:47AM EDT0

Did your family or friends support you in this situation?

Jun 8, 5:44PM EDT0

Since I was far away from both my friends and family they were not even aware of my situation. Yes, I spoke with them almost daily on Skype, Facebook, etc but I never wanted to mention my problems to them. Especially because I know they work hard in Serbia for minimum wages. And to tell them that I am ruining my opportunity to save some money was really hard. 

Jun 11, 6:43AM EDT0

Hi! So, it's impossible to win at gambling, right?

Jun 8, 4:53PM EDT0

It is possible to win, but every win will cost you more in the future. If you are exhibitionist and go one time to try gambling it's better to lose money in the start. :) if you win once most of the people would say ok I won I never gamble again. But usually, they want to win again sometimes later, and they return to Casino. Simple logic is hundreds of employers in big casinos get their paycheck from Casino, every year they invest a couple of millions of euro in improving Casino, and owner drives good car. So it's obvious who is winning more :)

Jun 11, 6:35AM EDT0

What is the most important thing in life, how do you think?

Jun 8, 3:07PM EDT0

Nice question and easy answer :) The most important thing in life are health and family, friends, girlfriend :) In one word people you care about the most. Money comes and goes, everything you can now have and after you can lose it, but something you can always rely on is Family. Also, the Health is very important, I know one proverb which says: Healthy man have thousands of wishes, and sick man only one. :)

Jun 11, 6:28AM EDT0

What are your plans now? How do you see future?

Jun 8, 3:01PM EDT0

My plans now since I came back to my country is to spend as much as possible time with my family, and friend and to improve my skills and knowledge that is necessary for Freelancing career. Also, I have a big backyard and I want to try and learn new thing about gardening.

Jun 11, 6:22AM EDT0

Have you tried psychological therapy to get rid of your passion? did it help?

Jun 8, 12:47PM EDT0

I never visited psychologist in my life. I came from East Europe country where the people are still very conservative about psychologist, psychiatrist, ...  Maybe that's one of the reasons why I didn't ask a psychologist for help. Gamblers find it difficult to acknowledge their addiction to others, and even harder to themselves and I think that's the biggest problem.

Jun 11, 6:16AM EDT0

I know what you felt then ... but was there no one to stop you from gambling?

Jun 8, 12:43PM EDT0

No, I was alone in foreign country. Besides that, I was alone with no real deal friend which I know all my life and family. I was surrounded with bad influence a lot of people around me were gamblers.

Jun 11, 5:33AM EDT0

What had you thought about gambling before this happened to you?

Jun 8, 11:56AM EDT0

I had a bad opinion about that.  I've always been convinced that you can control yourself when you engage in gambling. But when I came into a situation where gambling has become my daily routine I realized that self-control is impossible.

Jun 11, 5:26AM EDT0

Curious but don't you think all this happens partly because of the daily routine? Sometimes comfortable life sucks you in like a swamp ...

Jun 8, 9:14AM EDT0

I think you are right. When you live a long time in a comfortable environment without ups and downs it becomes kinda boring. I'm just sorry that I chose this vice to leave the comfort and throw some excitement in life.

Jun 11, 5:20AM EDT0

People think they can control such things - no way, it's just an illusion. Did you try gambling because of some problem or just for the sake of fun of it?

Jun 8, 9:07AM EDT0

You are absolutely right. I started it for a bit of both. I was bored and wanted to try something new and I was looking for fast cash. My problem was because I was in the foreign country and I felt nostalgic, so I wanted to go home faster and I find gamble like a solution. :)

Jun 11, 4:11AM EDT0

Hi! Congratulations - eventually you've managed set things right! What do you think about other addictions like smoking?

Jun 8, 9:04AM EDT0

Thank you, I appreciate it. You will not believe me that is something I am going trough right now. :) I am quitting smoking after 5 years. All addictions are bad especially the ones which affect your health. I know one bible quote that says: "The larger is the master of his heart than the one who conquers the city." 

Jun 11, 4:05AM EDT0

Can I ask you how did you pay your debt? I know another person who is now having the same problem.

Jun 8, 7:57AM EDT0

I never had big debts, I always liked to gamble with my money. For example, I prefer to stay hungry one week if I lose money than to borrow the money. Best advice for that person since he already has debt is to explain to family and friends what situation he is in and ask for their help. The worst thing he can do is to hide the problem from people who cares about them because he is embarrassed or something. If he asks wrong people for help he can enter the whole new world of troubles.

Jun 11, 3:52AM EDT0

Hello! How did you motivate yourself to change the situation?

Jun 8, 7:15AM EDT0

Hello, that's a good question. :) During this "venture" I was a roommate with a guy also from Serbia and also a big gambler. He was in Malta for more than 3 years working all the time and with 0 savings even he had more debts than when he first came to the island. I looked at him every day and eventually, i said I don't want to end up like this. To work hard just to leave my money in Casino. So I can say my fears that I am going to end up like my roomate was my motivation.

Jun 11, 3:45AM EDT0