Blackjack Software for card counting. Ask me anything on the software.

Alex Casha
Jan 9, 2018

I have created a blackjack software to count cards for you and by doing that you can rest assure of doing no mistakes. The online casinos with a real dealer you need to be fast with no mistakes at all. 

The following is the direct link where you can buy it from google play:

Any questions let me know.


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What prompted you to create the BlackJack Counter app?

Jan 8, 9:55PM EST0

I have been working in gambling industry and I have also studied programming. Now I do my own apps which can beat the casino

Jan 9, 11:23AM EST0

What is your background? Can you tell us something about yourself?

Jan 8, 2:44PM EST0

I have been in gambling industry over 20 years. I have studied programming for the last 8 years. Now I am able to create both apps and devices to beat the casinos.

Jan 9, 11:25AM EST0

Have you developed other gambling softwares? If yes, what are they?

Jan 8, 1:49PM EST0

Yes I did. You can write on google play Alexander Casha and you will see all my apps. I have also another application which costs a lot of money but it is for serious gamblers only.

Jan 9, 11:27AM EST0

Do you have plans for creating a similar app? What other gambling softwares do you have in mind?

Jan 8, 11:42AM EST0

In blackjack there is not much to do because it only consist on card counting. The other applications are all about roulette. I have created both for fun and for serious gamblers.

Jan 9, 11:29AM EST0

It would be interesting to know how much you have won in the online casino. Can you share some of your biggest wins?

Jan 8, 8:52AM EST0

It takes long to do a long video but yes in the future I will.

Jan 8, 9:23AM EST0

How long did it take you to create the BlackJack Counter app, from conception, to design, to final output?

Jan 8, 8:20AM EST0

Less than a week

Jan 8, 9:23AM EST0

Do you consider yourself a professional gambler?

Jan 8, 8:03AM EST0

I am a professional gambler. I also have apps on roulette too. For professionals and serious investors I have also devices that can be carried in a land casino

Jan 8, 9:24AM EST0
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Is this app tested and proven to increase one's chances of winning?

Jan 8, 7:14AM EST0

Yes it is tested several times. First you need to understand the conception of counting cards and the app does the same but faster and without mistakes.

Jan 8, 9:26AM EST0

Is this the only blackjack counter available in the market or are there similar softwares?

Jan 8, 5:36AM EST0

This is the only one I have created so far. Actually in blackjack all you need to know is counting cards and there is also what and when to risk on my second page.

Jan 8, 9:28AM EST0

By using the app while betting, will one not be considered an advantage player and put him at risk of being blacklisted?

Jan 8, 4:34AM EST0

You will get yourself in a blacklisted if you win a lot of money. You do better have several online casino accounts and win small. At least this is what I do.

Jan 8, 9:30AM EST0

Did you solely develop the app or do you have a team?

Jan 7, 10:59PM EST0

I am the solo developer of this app. I have been working for gambling companies from when I was 18. Then I have studied programming and together I have collected enough experience to create several apps. I have also created roulette apps

Jan 8, 9:32AM EST0

What do you find most challenging in developing the app?

Jan 7, 9:50PM EST0

A bit of everything but mostly maths. Alghoritms

Last edited @ Jan 8, 9:33AM EST.
Jan 8, 9:33AM EST0

What programming language did you use in creating the software?

Jan 7, 9:45PM EST0


Jan 8, 9:33AM EST0
How do you plan to market your software?
Jan 7, 9:19PM EST0

I use mostly youtube

Jan 8, 9:34AM EST0