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Oct 31, 2017

Hi! My name is Marko and I work as Oracle DB Developer for one famous bookmaker. I like sports and i have been betting since I was a kid. Now, as a professional, I have got a chance to see how everything works under the hood. If you have any questions about betting feel free to ask. I'll do my best to answer all of them as long as it si not kind of business secret.


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What is your favorite sports when it comes to betting?

Nov 1, 3:50PM EDT0

How often do you bet for a game in a week?

Nov 1, 3:40AM EDT0

Where are you from?

Oct 31, 1:03PM EDT0


Oct 31, 7:45PM EDT0

What would you suggest to anyone wanting to become an expert in betting?

Oct 31, 8:09AM EDT0

Don't become expert, you will probably lose a lot of money because maths is not on your side

Oct 31, 7:45PM EDT0

What made you get into this line of work?

Oct 31, 7:40AM EDT0

Like I said I have been betting since I was a teenager and when I got I chance to work for one bookmaker as IT engineer I have grabbed it because I found interesting to see how everything looks like under the hood

Oct 31, 7:43PM EDT0

Have you ever written any books?

Oct 31, 7:38AM EDT0


Oct 31, 7:38PM EDT0

Is there any math involved in figuring out the likely victors?

Oct 31, 7:38AM EDT0

Everything is based on maths (statistics) and professional prediction of final outcome

Oct 31, 7:38PM EDT0

How many years have you gambled on matches?

Oct 31, 4:06AM EDT0


Oct 31, 7:35PM EDT0

How do you predict the matches?

Oct 30, 4:06PM EDT0

I don't do that. There are companies for example that provide bookies with information about events, markets, selections, prices ... etc. They calculate probability. For some events like football match it's up to their feeling backed up with following information like is there any injured player, how important that match is for each team, ...etc. For others it is straightforward, pure maths. For roulette for example probability to hit any number is 1/36, so price is 1/(1/36)=36. For one pound you get 36. My job is to parse sent data and store it in database so you can see them on web site or in shops, bet on them, se results, ... etc

Oct 31, 7:34PM EDT0

Would you take a percentage of a win as your fee if someone didn't have money to pay you upfront?

Oct 30, 2:26PM EDT0

and what if he lost

Oct 31, 7:13PM EDT0

How much money have you made with this for yourself & your customers?

Oct 30, 1:16PM EDT0

I think when i sum everything that I am short, but i don't do this for a living but for fun.I have a luck because i have been working for one bookmaker as developer so i can see how everything looks like from the other side.

Oct 31, 7:10PM EDT0

And i didn't get the thing with customers or you didn't get what i do

Oct 31, 7:12PM EDT0

What are the official rules of gambling?

Oct 30, 11:16AM EDT0

You have to be more specific, it's very wide area

Oct 31, 7:03PM EDT0

Do you sometimes just rely on your gut instinct when it's strong?

Oct 30, 9:45AM EDT0

Yes, most of the time

Oct 31, 7:02PM EDT0

How do you make a living?

Oct 30, 6:16AM EDT0

As i mentioned in my presentation, I work as Oracle Database Developer.I am an IT engineer

Oct 30, 9:34AM EDT0

Would you ever consider to write a book on gambling?

Oct 29, 8:16PM EDT0

Hi. No, because I'm not a kind of expert in gambling, I'm just in position to see how everything works under the hood when we talk about sports betting.Maybe I was not clear in my presentation, but i do it for fun and And do not spend a lot of money on betting nor have I ever won some amount worth mentioning

Oct 30, 9:32AM EDT0

Can you live off the money you make by gambling?

Oct 29, 4:06PM EDT0

I can't and I don't do that for living, but to make watching a football games more interesting.I work as database developer and that's the way i earn money

Oct 30, 9:23AM EDT0

Do you have a Facebook page I can follow?

Oct 29, 2:13PM EDT0

I have but i don't announce anything related to betting and generally i rarely use fb

Oct 30, 9:15AM EDT0
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