Am an experienced professional on match prediction with years of success #AMA

Aug 23, 2017

Football betting tips.

Hello everyone, I'm Andrew a prediction expert with lots of experience and wide knowledge of the game of football.

I'm ready to share my success with interested people at a very low cost. 

I work hard daily studying matches and outcomes of matches to make sure I'm always 70% accurate and successful over a long period of time.


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Have you got a FB page or website I could follow?

Aug 23, 10:23AM EDT0

Soccer prediction

Aug 24, 6:37AM EDT0

What are the rules of gambling? If there are any official ones?

Aug 23, 6:06AM EDT0

Have you ever lost a life-changing amount of money before?

Aug 23, 5:39AM EDT0


Aug 24, 6:37AM EDT0

How do you predict the matches?

Aug 23, 5:12AM EDT0

What made you get into this line of work?

Aug 23, 4:40AM EDT0

How much money have you made with this for yourself & your customers?

Aug 23, 4:05AM EDT0

How much has been the biggest placed bet on one of your predictions?

Aug 23, 3:24AM EDT0

Do you sometimes just rely on your gut instinct when it's strong? And if so, do you usually make the right choice in these situations?

Aug 23, 2:28AM EDT0


Aug 24, 6:32AM EDT0

Can you live off the money you make by gambling?

Aug 23, 1:47AM EDT0

Have you ever had off days where your predictions were completely off?

Aug 23, 1:46AM EDT0

1 out of 10

Aug 24, 6:32AM EDT0

What kind of things do you take note of when studying past matches?

Aug 23, 1:44AM EDT0

Scorelines nd trend

Aug 24, 6:33AM EDT0

What would you suggest to anyone wanting to become an expert in match prediction?

Aug 23, 1:43AM EDT0

Where are you based?

Aug 23, 1:35AM EDT0

You want to reach me?

Aug 24, 6:34AM EDT0

How long do you think it takes to master this field?

Aug 23, 12:37AM EDT0

Is there any math involved in figuring out the likely victors?

Aug 23, 12:26AM EDT0

What is your win percentage promise to your customers & do you have a disclaimer?

Aug 22, 11:57PM EDT0


Aug 24, 6:34AM EDT0

What was your worst ever business decision?

Aug 22, 11:46PM EDT0

Is this your only job?

Aug 22, 11:41PM EDT0

Yes for now

Aug 24, 6:35AM EDT0

Would you take a percentage of a win as your fee if someone didn't have money to pay you upfront?

Aug 22, 11:30PM EDT0

That would require a lot of trust with grows overtime

Aug 24, 6:35AM EDT0

Would you say that gambling is addictive?

Aug 22, 11:27PM EDT0
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